Statement :NPP To Hold 2021 Constituency Annual Delegates Conference

The NPP will, from Saturday, August 21, 2021, to Friday to August 27, 2021, hold Constituency Annual Delegates Conferences in all the 275 Constituencies of the Country in accordance with reference to Article 7(27) of the Party Constitution.
However, in view of the times we are in, the Party has directed all Party Executives, Members and for that matter Delegates to these Conferences to ensure that the Conferences are held in strict compliance with the following Guidelines:
l . Delegates/Attendees to each Constituency Conference shall not exceed 250 people. In other words, the Conferences shall be held in groups of 250 on the average, at the same or different venues within the Constituency depending on the Constituency’s peculiarities

  1. Each Conference shall be held in an open and airy environment
  2. There shall be strict adherence to social distancing protocols
  3. Delegates/Attendees to the Conferences shall at all times wear a face mask.
  4. There shall be regular washing of hands and hand-sanitizing
  5. The Conferences shall be held within 2 hours in line with the President’s recent directives.
    The Party is assuring its members and the general public that it is taking all the necessary steps to ensure strict adherence to these guidelines in the conduct of the Constituency Conferences across the country.
    Thank you.

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