CPP National Treasurer resigns

The National Treasurer of the Convention People Party (CPP), Seth Gomna has resigned from the party for what he describes as unfair treatment meted out to him by party executives.
Seth Gomna in an interview with Ark FM accused some national executives of the CPP of taking over his role as a national treasurer.
“They are playing my role as the national treasurer and me being the national treasurer, I can’t sit down for people to spoil my job so I found it prudent to resign from the Convention Peoples Party,” he said.
According to Seth Gomna, the actions of the executives are in contravention with Article 92(c) of the party’s constitution.
He said “it is only the national treasurer who is supposed to take money on behalf of the party and disburse money on behalf of the party, this is what the executives are not doing”.
Below is his resignation letter
15th November, 2012
Ms Samia Nkrumah
Convention People’s Party
Asylum Down, Accra
Dear Ms. Nkrumah,
The aftermath of our September congress and the conglomeration of events leading to the exit of many including some elected executives from the Party and the formation of a new political party from the great CPP were unfortunate and avoidable. Intolerance and unguided emotions has taken the better part of us relegating reasoning and logic to the background. The party has forgotten its core mandate of serving the electorate and winning power to trivial and tangential issues that has nothing to do with the party but personality. Every member of the national executive is either label a stooge of Mr. ‘A’ or Mr. ‘B’ for personal and financial aggrandizement. I don’t think this is the way to build an Nkrumaist party. Transparency has become an element that is missing in the party, as a matter of principle and conscience I don’t wish to belong to this system.
I therefore bow honorably as the National Treasure of the Convention People’s Party to give way for Samia and her cronies to lead the party in that manner if that can lead them to win election 2012.
My resignation is borne out of myriad of reasons, and as already mentioned anchored on principle and conscience. Notably among these reasons are;
1. Contrary to article 97 of the CPP constitution which stipulates clearly my functions of the National Treasurer, other executive members have usurped my duties and are performing them without regards to the constitution. Receiving, keeping and disbursing party funds as and when they so wish. Their reason for doing what they do can only be given by them.
2. The regular resources that the Institute of Economic Affairs gives to the party for specific purpose are being diverted away from these set purposes. This to me is a clear case of misappropriation of funds and as a professional I cannot condoned such practices. I have tried many times to call the attention of the leadership to this practice but all to no avail.
3. The CPP has three accounts all of which I am the principal signatory. Apart from the IEA money that comes through these accounts, all the donations that comes to the party ends up in individual pockets this I find illegal for people to raise funds in the name of the party but keep it personal without a record for financial accountability. The beneficiaries of these diverted party funds then pretend to be spending their own monies on the party, when in reality they’re milking the party with impunity.
4. It will be of interest to know that the filling fees of flag bearership candidates and all the expenses that were incurred, during and after congress have not been accounted for. Nobody knows where the money came from and how it was disbursed. No wonder it is widely speculated, of which I have come to believe that other political parties in this country are a source of funding for the CPP (CPP is out there for sale). This definitely is not Nkrumah’s CPP. Up till now, there is not a single financial record with regard to our congress. This is certainly not the transparency I promised the CPP at the trade fair congress.
5. Recently, the party paid the filling fee for all the members of Parliamentary candidates and as the treasurer I was left in the dark. Who funded that? And why? More questions than answers.
6. Finally, ever since I officially wrote to the chairperson of the party in a letter dated 11th October 2011(letter attached) expressing my dissatisfaction in the operation of the party especially those that had to do with my office as the national treasurer, the global forum, a CPP goggle group has become a platform that my personality and integrity is always put on board and vilified. This character assassination that I know the National executives of the party are aware of cannot be for the fun of it. It is a calculated attempt to frustrate me and disrupt me from my duties.
These are the reasons why I have decided to resign and concentrate on my job as a Bank manager. I did not come into politics for any personal gain. I am gainfully employed, married with two kids. I am a responsible man. I cannot continue to be treated this way and still be with this current crop of CPP leadership against my principles and conscience.
I will make known my next political step in due course.
Thank you.
Cc: The General Secretary
Chairman Council of Elders.

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