Free SHS Policy: A Call for Reform to Ensure Quality Education -William Boadi

Ghana’s Free Senior High School (SHS) policy, while laudable in its goal of providing equitable access to secondary education, is facing scrutiny from the Executive Director, William Boadi of Educate Africa Institute (EAI). Despite increasing enrollment, the policy’s current form is compromising education quality and producing a workforce ill-prepared for the global economy.

Challenges Undermining Effectiveness

  • Overcrowded classrooms due to surge in student numbers
  • Inadequate resources (textbooks, teaching materials)
  • Double-Track System reducing instructional time
  • Teacher burnout and reduced teaching effectiveness
  • Students inadequately prepared for higher education and job market


  • Lowered academic standards
  • Impacted credibility of Ghanaian education internationally
  • Hinders students’ prospects for pursuing opportunities abroad
  • Affects national economic growth and development

EAI Recommendations

  • Increased investment in school infrastructure and resources
  • Hiring and training more teachers
  • Reevaluation of the Double-Track System
  • Focus on high-quality education with rigorous academic standards
  • Engaging stakeholders (educators, parents, students, experts) in reform development and execution


While the Free SHS policy has expanded access to education, addressing quality issues is crucial for producing a capable and competitive workforce. The EAI urges immediate government action to enhance the current system, ensuring every student receives a high-quality education. By prioritizing quality education, Ghana can build a stronger workforce driving national progress and development.

*About the Author*

William Boadi is the Executive Director of the Educate Africa Institute (EAI), an educationist, political analyst, and social worker.

About EAI

The Educate Africa Institute (EAI) promotes quality education and advocates for reforms to ensure students receive a world-class education.

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