God speaks to everyone, and I am one of them – Ohemaa Mercy declares

Ohemaa Mercy says she is not a prophet, but God definitely speaks to her! The founder of the Tehillah Experience shared testimonies and moments of God’s presence with Cookie Tee on the TV3 NewDay show.

According to the minister of the gospel, testimonies from people who have experienced miracles through her song are one of her greatest motivations to keep spreading the gospel.

“These things really encourage me a lot when people share testimonies in songs that have made an impact in their lives. It’s a plus, and I want to give God the glory for this”

Ohemaa Mercy also shared testimonies from people who have experienced her song. She said, “There was this gentleman that was going through a lot for eight years battling masturbation. He was actually sharing the testimony of the wife playing that particular song. He was in the bathroom. He fell down, soaked in the song, and when he got up until now, he has not experienced it (masturbation) again.”

Ohemaa Mercy spoke about times when she received instructions from God, including the much-anticipated worship concert, the Tehillah Experience, which is in its 9th year.

“When he gave me the revelation of the Tehillah Experience. I was sitting on a plane going to California. Mostly when I’m on a plane, I meditate. And I heard it so loud that you have not cooked for me. And I was so confused. So when I got down, I asked one of my prophets, and he gave me the interpretation that I should build an altar. I asked God what kind of Altar does he want. And he said an Altar of worship which brings people together under one atmosphere.”

Tehillah Experience is scheduled for August 14, 2022, after an all-night session on August 12, 2022, at the ICGC Calvary Temple in Spintex.


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