Nana Aba Anamoah under fire for alleged photo theft

Media personality, Nana Aba Anamoah of TV3 is under fire on Twitter for allegedly stealing pictures some people took of Manchester United players, and passing them off as her own.
While her tweets seem to show that she was actually in England (her location was on) at the time of the tweets, the authenticity of those pictures being hers have come into question after some Twitter users including the supposed real owners of the pictures made claims that she was lying about being there.
The people believed to be the real owners of the pictures had previously put up pictures they took on social media, Kuul Peeps reports.mui
They also tweeted at her seeking answers. Apparently, she also posted a picture of their ticket as hers.
Though many believe the TV3 hostess can afford a ticket to watch a game at Old Trafford, it is not clear why the young lady will pick pictures of another person, crop them out- including the ticket- and post them online as hers with its accompanying verbal ‘freezone’.mu muo muu
However, this is what she posted on her Twitter page.mup
Credit: Kuul Peeps

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