GFA proposes 3 terms for president with 2 vice presidents

The Ghana Football Association (GFA) apparently wants its bylaws changed to permit the president to serve three terms and have two vice presidents.

The suggestions stated above have been brought before the Executive Council (ExCo) by the GFA’s Statutes Review Committee.

According to the regulations created by the Normalization Committee led by Dr. Kofi Amoah in 2019 the GFA presidency is currently limited to two terms of four years each.

The vice president may currently serve a maximum of three terms, and members of the Executive Council may similarly serve a maximum of three terms.

The Committee allegedly suggested that Congress extend the presidency’s tenure to three terms in a report delivered to the Executive Council.

Additionally, they are suggesting two vice presidents for the Ghana FA, one of whom must be a woman to serve as the chair of the women’s football desk.

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