We’re here to stay & heading to the GRAMMYs, Keche & Edem are pained because their lookalikes are hard to find – 4 Kings (Video)

The newest music group in the Ghanaian music scene, 4 Kings have underscored that are in the music industry for a permanent stay for good.

The Lookalikes of Kuame Eugene, Medikal, Mr Drew, and King Promise have recently released a song titled ‘Yentie Obia” which is fast going viral on various music platforms.

According to the group, they started off as something to make fun of and upon second thought felt they had to commercialize it.

Speaking on Kessben TV with Mr. BonEZ, the group indicated that they apparently used to perform the songs of the lookalikes at various events without taking any more.

“Yes when we started it was just a fun thing where we will perform for free at events and it was after we came to Kessben FM for an interview where one lawyer there educated us that it was against the copyright laws without informing the musicians even though we were not taking any money from the shows” The Kuame Eugene lookalike said.

Ever since 4 Kings become the talk of the town, a section of the public has lambasted them for being lazy young men who should find some job to do but 4 Kings are not perturbed as they hope to win Ghana a Grammy award with their songs.


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