Gerard Pique to get back with Shakira? Reports indicate that love is over with Clara Chia

The last year has been very complicated for former soccer player Gerald and his girlfriend Clara Chia and it has been so difficult that there are already rumors of a possible breakup between the couple, a romance that came to public light this year and after only a few months they are about to say goodbye.

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Shakira and Pique attend court hearing to decide custody of their children

What does Shakira have to do with these reports?

According to some publications in Spain, there are several reasons why Clara Chia would no longer be comfortable in her relationship with Pique, who in addition to their relationship and work issues, must attend and worry about their children Sasha and Milan, who would soon go to live with his mother, the Colombian singer Shakira, to the United States.

Thus, in the midst of a chaotic and complicated second half of 2023 for the former player, due to his infidelities, problems and separation from Shakira, in addition to the fight for custody of their children, it seems that his girlfriend could not stand the pace or the media pressure and would be close to say goodbye to the relationship with Piqué.

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The moment Shakira confessed her love for Pique and FC Barcelona on stage

Why are there problems between Gerard Pique and Clara Chia?

Among the versions that speak of a possible breakup between the couple is that the 23-year-old did not stand the harassment of the media, who pursued them at all times to obtain images of them together, especially when the rumor of the infidelity of the former Barcelona player arose. In addition, there is talk of an alleged favoritism towards her in the company Kosmos, owned by Piqué, or annoyance for all the rapprochement between him and Shakira in recent days to end the negotiations on the custody of their children.

Others say that the couple has had enough of being together, as evidenced by their expressions in recent days, captured as if they were discouraged. The media also claim that a few days ago Clara Chía kissed Gerard Piqué, who apparently wipes it off.

And although nothing is official, they say that when the river sounds is because it carries water, and things between the couple do not seem to be going through a good time. While that happens, Piqué has been seen more with his children and his mother than with Clara Chia, with whom he seems distant.

Source; Marca

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