Rich men in Ghana don’t invest in music; Nigerians do – Kwabena Kwabena

Kwabena Kwabena dropped a bombshell as he detailed challenges he faced on his album project. He chastised Ghanaians for comparing their industry to Nigerians when they have refused to create enabling environment for investment.

Kwabena Kwabena’s appearance on TV3 NewDay caused a stir as he fingered the wealthy for not contributing to the Ghanaian creative industry. Using himself as an example, he revealed how challenging it was to find funds for his album.

“The problem with us comparing ourselves to how the Nigerians are doing.. apart from the fact that they have people who invest into their craft, we don’t have the same here. Ghanaian rich folks do not help us. Nigerian rich folk help the art. At this stage of my career, I still struggle with funding for my album.

He also pointed out that certain structures should be put in place before the industry can see exponential growth.

“We don’t see the potential in investing in skills and craft as a country. Yet we want results. It’s very important for us to identify who has what skill, who needs investment, who needs that push, what can we do here? But if you combine it all… And then you expect Boom success. It’s not possible.

“The unfortunate thing about Ghanaians is that we always look at the results, not the preparation. We don’t have an enabling environment to get someone to come and invest in our music industry. So it is up to us to structure the industry, in such a way, that people can come to invest properly. That’s when we will start to achieve the big results.”

source: 3news

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