National security denied access to pink sheets

Citi News has learnt that some men claiming to be National Security officers on Thursday night besieged the Supreme Court premises demanding the keys to the court’s registry. 

According to sources they were there with the indication that they wanted access to the pink sheets which the petitioners had deposited in the court registry prior to the start of the case.

Moments after the judges hearing the on-going election petition case ruled that accounting firm, KPMG should audit the pink sheets , the National Security operatives allegedly went to the court’s registry demanding access to protect the pink sheets from being tampered with.

However it is reported that after a fierce argument ensued between the security operatives and the Judicial Secretary who refused them access and subsequently locked up and took the keys away.

Citifmonline.com understands that he refused the operative’s access because the courts had not given any such directives. 

At 9pm on Thursday night some men saying they were National Security operatives were cited at the premises of the supreme court saying they are under instructions to protect the place
Credit: Citi News

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