Nazir Hamzah in Opinion: DJ KA Taking over Afternoon Radio in Ashanti Region

It’s been barely 10 days since the larger-than-life Radio Presenter cum DJ, Kojo Adu widely known as DJ KA joined the Adum-based radio station, Kessben 93.3 FM and the impact has been largely felt with his Krenkren2Krankran show.

Afternoon radio in the Ashanti region has predominantly been all about social programs and sports talk shows.

Even though there are some radio stations in the Ashanti region that have dedicated much time to playing music and doing less talking, the penetration and the reach can’t be compared to the social programs and sports talk shows.

DJ KA has entered strongly between the hours of 2pm to 4pm on Kessben 93.3 FM giving radio listeners in the Ashanti region and across the globe a very good choice for afternoon relaxation.

Without any slightest shake of doubt, many radio listeners in the Ashanti region are much more into social and sports shows, especially in the afternoon but there is a very good percentage of the listeners across that find those shows very annoying and would want to their afternoon to be relaxed with good music and much more excitement on radio.

KA, since started his show on Kessben FM has been the exact alternative this group of people has been yearning for.

With his dexterity in breaking down lyrics of Ghanaian songs, he has earned so much admiration from Ghanaians living in Ghana and abroad.

Took a stroll on the street of Kumasi on Monday and laudably I felt the impact of the Krenkren2Krankran show which is packed with all the fun one yearns for an afternoon relaxation on radio.

Kessben FM, a strong commercial radio station in the Ashanti Region has sports as one of its flagship programs on their network. With how DJ KA has started, you could see that another flagship program is being created by the Aseda House-based radio station.

Watch excerpts of his shows below:

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