Entitlement won’t get your music promoted – Richie Mensah tells ‘lazy’ artistes

Richie Mensah came through with the business side of music dynamics at The Showbiz Conference. According to Richie, feeling entitled to success but not putting in the works is a character flaw of a lazy artiste.

The CEO of Lynx Entertainment label pointed out that the digital era has made music promotion easier compared to the days of payola. “It’s gone from the days when to promote your music in Navorong, you have to take a car to Navrongo, talk to a DJ and maybe sort him out with something before it plays. Now you can do a TikTok video, and it’s going to get 100,000 views, ” Richie explained.

Richie said that this canker called entitlement has many Ghanaian artiste in bondage. He mentions that the unfortunate mindset prevents artiste from drawing on their creativity and pushing their works to the world.

“There’s something we need to take out of our mentality, especially Ghanaians. Entitlement. We feel so entitled. Every artiste is sitting out there saying, ‘why aren’t you streaming my music’ and ‘why aren’t they playing our music more?’ Why is it always about what they aren’t doing? Why aren’t you doing enough to get your music heard? How many times have you promoted your music?”

Richie Mensah unapologetically calls musicians sitting and demanding exposure lazy. “Anybody who says things like they are not promoting my music, I’m sorry you’re being lazy. Push. Keep pushing. If your management isn’t pushing you hard enough, tell your management that they should come to these seminars. They should come and learn.”

source: 3news

Ray Charles Marfo

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