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Father cuts both fingers of his 7-year-old child over Sobolo (Video)

When the little girl was crying while her fingers were being wounded by the father, neighbours around thought it was his usual beatings of his child not knowing this time the fingers of the little girl were being chopped off with a blade by the father.

According to Kessben FM’s Reporter Multi Pee, the little girl had just returned from selling Sobolo which she had been accused of spending some of the money.

The father who has been identified as Joshua also accused the little girl of begging for money from strangers, another reason which added to his fury to have cut the fingers of the 7-year-old girl.

The mother of the 7-year-old girl does not live with Joshua anyone after both separated.

The little thus has been living with her stepmother and her father in a village called Bankame in the Asanti Akyem South in the Ashanti region.


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