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PURC orders ECG to correct metering and billing anomalies

The Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC) says it has issued an order to the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), to correct the metering and billing anomalies resulting from implementation of the 2015 Major Tariff Increase.
A statement from the PURC signed by Dr Simons Akorli, Director, Regulatory Economics and Research reiterated that the percentage increase across board for all categories of electricity consumers as announced by the Commission is 59.2 per cent.
It said the Commission would publish for the benefit of electricity consumers and the public, the electricity tariffs as gazetted, effective December 14, 2015 and published in The Ghana Gazette of December 11, 2015 as well as the tariffs published in Ghana Gazette of July 8, 2015.
The statement said the ECG had also been directed to develop and implement detailed Communication Plan for engaging the public on the impact of the December, 2015 tariffs and measures put in place to resolve implementation challenges arising from the tariffs.
“The PURC wishes to reassure all consumers that the Commission is monitoring all the feedback arising from the recent tariff increases and will not relent in ensuring that the ECG discharges its obligations to consumers,” it added.
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