Lure investors to power sector with good policies – Mahama to African leaders

President John Mahama has urged African leaders to create a favorable environment for the private sector to invest in the power sector on the African continent. According to president Mahama, majority of the economic problems facing Africa could be solved if more power is generated to meet the demands of the growing industries on the continent.
President Mahama speaking at the ongoing 2015 Climate Conference in Paris said “we must concentrate on the issue of power which we have all agreed and we can do it in an innovative manner.” “For instance in Ghana we are want… to expand power generation by more than 3000 megawatts in order that we have enough power. We are doing this by changing the environment and that’s the responsibility that we have as leaders to create the right environment for the private sector to want to invest in power.”
President Mahama said it is possible because “we did it in telecoms when we deregulated the telecom sector, broke up those huge state monopolies that we had and we invited the private sector to come in and provide telecoms and ICT services. Today Africa has the fastest growing telecom and ICT infrastructure.”
Source – Citifm

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