Mahama: Ghana doesn’t need “aggressive leaders”

President John Mahama has said “Ghana needs strong institutions, not aggressive leaders.”
The Ghanaian President told France24 in an interview Tuesday that: “We’re in the process of strengthening our public institutions, not only to tackle corruption, but also to improve our democracy and the quality of life for every Ghanaian.”
Thirty-four Judges – 22 Magistrates and 12 Justices of the High Court – are currently being investigated by the country’s Chief Justice and Judicial Council for corruption.
They were caught on video by investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas taking bribe to subvert justice.
The two-year undercover work culminated in more than 500 hours of audiovisual footage, excerpts of which were compiled into a 3-hour documentary that was screened to thousands of people in the national capital, Accra.
Some of the judges received goats, tubers of yam, and sums of money to influence their decision on criminal cases before them.
Mr Mahama said the Judges will be taken through the legal system, fairly and those found to have corrupted themselves, prosecuted.
Apart from corruption, Mr Mahama also said Ghana’s economy has gained fair grounding, thus has become stronger than before.
“We’re in the process of restructuring our economy, so that a fall in the prices of raw materials on the international market won’t be able to affect us anymore.
“Reforms already implemented made Ghana’s economy more robust and resilient than it was only a few years ago. We’re on the right path for recovery and growth,” Mr Mahama said.
Source – joyfm

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