I used to beg for money to eat – Tonto

Controversial singer and actress Tonto Dikeh has revealed in a candid Instagram post that she used to beg for food before she hit the big time.
Alluding to her humble beginning, Tonto posted: “Growing up, life was not easy, not after I lost my mom at the age of three. I thank my step mom for keeping up with my rudeness and stubbornness.
“Sometimes, I felt like killing myself but God saw me through that stage in my life and sometimes, I sit and ask God why me?
“At the age of 20, I said to myself I wouldn’t ask my dad for money – I wanted to be independent. I tried traveling to UK but I got refused at Nigerian Embassy, not because my documents were not complete but because I didn’t have the connection to pass through,” she stated.
“University life was so hard for me, handouts I could not afford, I begged from hand to mouth just to eat! Sometimes, I considered going back to my dad but ego and pride wouldn’t let me.
“Then, all my jeans were Alaba bend-down-select. If the jeans was longer than me, I would cut it to my size to make it look rugged!
“If I asked friends for a favour, before they helped, they would ask me to do something for them in return, like cleaning their rooms, or helping  with course work,” she added.
She then went on to advise her fans never to give up in their struggle to make it in life.
Source: Vanguard

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