I've been bounced five times over love – John Dumelo

With all his good looks and fame, many admirers of talented actor, John Dumelo, would take it for granted that the award-winning actor would be spoilt for choice as far as romance is concerned. But no, John is not a Cassanova riding on the crest of love.

According to him, he has endured more than the average number of disappointments that men of his age go through. “Five times I’ve had my heart broken since I started dating and none had been my fault.

“The ladies either ask me to stop acting because they can’t stand seeing me play romantic roles on screen or they complain that I have too many female friends which make them uncomfortable.”

Now, John says that, he is finding it difficult to choose a partner since he claims he tried his best to live up to the expectation of the ladies he dated in the past but things didn’t work out. “I cannot tell which lady is real or fake, who has good intentions for me and who has not. So I am being very careful this time around”.

John told Showbiz, it would have been easier for him to choose a life partner if he was not a well known actor. “Because of my popularity, ladies can pretend they are soul mates and later show me their true colours when we finally settle down in marriage and that is what I want to prevent. I want a woman who will love me for who I am and not what I am”

Asked who is his kind of girl, John, who is popular for his sterling performances in many movie such as The King Is Mine, Perfect Picture, Adams Apples, Prince’s Bride, Kingdom Apart and Chelsea said that physically he would go for a beautiful woman who is well endowed in the bust region and who must also be intelligent.

John said that although he is seeing someone currently, they are yet to decide on compatibility but he hopes she is the right one after all.

He said that if things do not work out this time, it would take him a long time to date again. “I am growing and need to settle down very soon, so it will take me a very long time to settle on another lady if this relationship doesn’t work out. Even though I haven’t known her for long, I hope and pray she is the right one”.

Apart from movie acting, John Dumelo also runs a film school known as John Dumelo Film Academy and has a clothing line J.Melo.

About his movie career, John who has over 80 movies to his credit said he is working hard to break into Hollywood. He however encouraged his colleague actors to do other business apart from acting. “I have always said that as an actor, one won’t stay on top forever so while you have the fame now, do something different so that when you are not reigning you have other things doing”.

John has several awards to his credit. After winning Joy FM’s Best Ghanaian Actor in 2009, he won Africa’s Most Outstanding Actor at the Afro Australian Movies and Music Awards in Australia and also won Best African Actor Award at the African Entertainment Awards in Malaysia.

John had his primary education at Christ the King International School in Accra and then continued to Achimota School and further studied at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology where he read Civil Engineering.

Source: Graphic Showbiz

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