AFAG: NPP’s boycott of ministerial vetting is ill-timed

The Alliance for Accountable Governance (AFAG) has expressed shock at the decision by the New Patriotic Party (NPP) to boycott proceedings at the parliamentary vetting of ministerial nominees appointed by the President John Mahama.
In a statement issued Wednesday, the pro-NPP group described the NPP’s decision to boycott the parliamentary vetting committee as “very parochial, unfortunate, extremely partisan and without due consideration to public interest.”
AFAG therefore urged the NPP to quickly rescind its decision to boycott the ministerial vetting committee for the sake of public interest.
“By extension, this decision is not complete, unless; there is a total boycott of parliament by the NPP until such a time that the case has been determined by the Supreme Court. However, the chief justice in whose court the case is being heard, for now, has sworn in the president, and her lordship’s legitimate obligation has not been contested by the NPP. Taking note also that, power abhors vacuum, it is only right for there to be a President; interim or otherwise”.
The statement said “AFAG has a firm belief in the courts and urges the NPP and the NDC to hold same the belief that, at all instances, the verdict of the court is the reflection of the sovereign will of the people.”
“In this regard, if an arm of government (the judiciary) is determining the legitimacy of another arm of government (the executive) in a matter that the legislature (another arm of government) has no locus, then AFAG on this platform will like to remind the legislature of their sovereign role to represent the good people of their constituencies and not a party, though, they are there on a party’s ticket,” the statement noted.
Source: Myjoyonline

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