Ayariga faces mass denouncement with decision on IEA debate – Atik Mohammed

Policy Analyst of the People’s National Convention (PNC), Atik Mohammed has revealed that the party flagbearer’s decision to not participate in the final Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) Presidential Debate is a unilateral decision taken without the knowledge of the hierarchy of the party.

According to him however, the party flagbearer will have to reconsider his decision because members of the party will be forced to denounce him en mass as their flagbearer.

The flagbearer of the People’s National Convention (PNC), Hassan Ayariga announced that he was declining an invitation to participate in the final IEA Presidential debate because he was mourning the passing of the former Vice President of the Republic, Alhaji Aliu Mahama.

He is quoted as saying that his decision is also backed by President Mahama’s declaration of a state of mourning across the country.

Mahama Ayariga has been widely criticised in sections of the media and on various social media platforms for his abysmal performance in the first IEA debate. Several persons argued that Dr. Nduom would have been a better candidate had he been given the opportunity.

According to Atik Mohammed, Hassan Ayariga’s decision was going to “break the camel’ back” because he had “done enough damage to the party” with his actions.

He noted in an interview on Joy FM that the party had met on November 16 and concluded on Mr Ayariga’s participation, a decision which Mr Ayariga had been present to contribute to.

He noted that there was a need to resist Mr Ayariga’s decision and not allow it to stand because it could lead to a decline in the fortunes of the party.

Atik Mohammed noted that the party would meet today on the matter and take a decision.

Meanwhile, the Executive Director of the Institute of Economic Affairs, Mrs Jean Mensah has given indications that all is set for the second IEA Presidential Debate scheduled for the 20th of November 2012.

She indicated that though the National Democratic Congress was yet to officially indicate their participation, the New patriotic Party and the Convention People’s Party had all confirmed.

She noted however that a minute silence will be observed in honour of the late Vice President Alhaji Aliu Mahama.

Mrs Mensah added that the substitution of Mr Ayariga, due to his decision to not participate, for Dr Nduom was not going to be possible because there was not enough time for the proper consultation to be done on the matter.

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