Konadu unhappy about adjournment of case against EC

Failed presidential candidate of the National Democratic Party (NDP), Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings was reportedly mad at her lawyer, Stanley Ahorlu for agreeing to a new adjourned date with the court Tuesday, without first consulting her.
The former first lady, in frustration, was heard by this reporter at an Accra the High Court ranting and raving at attorneys representing her in a case involving the National Democratic Party (NDP), the Electoral Commission (EC) and the Attorney General.
The NDP presidential hopeful was even more disgusted with her party chairman, Dr. Josiah Aryeh for failing to draw the attention of lead counsel, Mr Ahorlu to the fact that time was of essence in the upcoming election.
Mr. Steven Ahorlu who was utterly surprised with the behavior of Mrs Rawlings tried his best to explain things, but the irritated-looking flag bearer, who was panting for breadth, would not pay attention to him.
Some supporters of the NDP who besieged the court premises also took a swipe at the Dr Aryeh and Mr Ahorlu for not seeking the views of the former first lady “in a crucial matter of this nature” one angry supporter sated.
The Human Rights Division of the High Court presided over by Justice Kofi Essel Mensah last week adjourned until yesterday (Tuesday), a case in which the NDP is asking the court to compel the Electoral Commission to allow its Presidential candidate, Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings to contest the December elections.
The case was adjourned because the Attorney General had not received the amended motion of the NDP before appearing in court on last Thursday.
But at the resumed sitting yesterday, lawyers for Nana Konadu pleaded with the court to allow them some time to file amendments to its earlier motion, which was granted.
However, drama unfolded when Nana Konadu’s attorneys, after discussions with the presiding judge settled on 16th November this year as the next adjourned date.
The outraged-looking NDP flag bearer yelled at her counsel for not seeking her opinion before agreeing on the 16th November date. Before her counsel could utter a word, the former first lady, in a harsh tone noted:
“Why didn’t you ask me first? Why November 16? Don’t you know time is of essence? If this is the game you guys want to play with me, I will write to the court that I’m no more interested in the case.” Konadu furiously blurted out.
Speaking to newsmen after the sitting the NDP lawyer said they were not privy to information that will help their case so they prayed the court to adjourn so they would amend their application. The court, however, granted their plea for adjournment.
Mr. Ahorlu expressed optimism that the court will hear their case and rule in their favor. He is not perturbed at all about how close the elections are.
He did not however say what new information upon which they have come and on the basis of which they requested the adjournment.
Former First Lady, Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings’ dream of contesting this year’s presidential elections on the ticket of the newly formed National Democratic Party faded, after she failed to meet the EC’s criteria by the close of nominations on the 18th of October
She was disqualified by the electoral Commission for failing to properly fill out her nomination forms.
This is the second excruciating setback in Nana Konadu’s long nurtured ambition of becoming president after occupying the position of a first lady for close to 19 years, with her husband, Jerry Rawlings as head of state.
Konadu suffered a humiliating defeat at the Sunyani congress of the NDC last year, when she contested the flag bearership of the party, against the then sitting President John Evans Atta Mills.
From: The Al-Hajj

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