Don’t fall for fake lifestyles on social media – Tracy Sarkcess to Youth of Ghana

The wife of Rapper, Sarkodie, Tracy Sarkcess has admonished the youth of Ghana not to fall for the fake lives people share online.

According to her, they should focus on the bigger goal of making themselves better.

She was speaking at the Cox It Out event held in Accra.

“Beyond that don’t let that be your real life because that is not real life. That is like 30 seconds of someone’s life. By this time the person is standing by someone’s Range Rover and she/he is taking a picture and when you see it you question your life,” she said.

Using herself as an example, Tracy indicated that while in Germany as a student she worked to ensure that body and soul were together.

She indicated that the work she did in the past has made her a very resourceful person because she has accumulated experience which she uses to make life better for herself and her family.

Source: MynewsGhana

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