Ambulance Case: Richard Jakpa’s Cross-Examination Reveals Damaging Evidence

On Thursday, June 20, 2024, Richard Jakpa faced intense cross-examination by the Director of Public Prosecution in the ongoing ambulance trial. The session uncovered crucial evidence that further implicated Jakpa in the case.

Court Admits WhatsApp Messages as Evidence

The court overruled Jakpa’s lawyers’ objections and admitted 68 WhatsApp messages he sent to the Attorney General (AG) as evidence. Jakpa had attempted to pressure the AG to discontinue the trial through these messages.

Jakpa’s Deletion of Messages and Lack of Disclosure

Jakpa admitted to deleting some messages and failed to disclose the total number sent to the AG. He claimed there were additional messages the AG did not tender.

Initiation of Private Meeting and Lack of Invitation

Jakpa pleaded with the AG for a private meeting, sending over 60 messages. Although the AG agreed to arrange a meeting through Jakpa’s cousin, Justice Kulendi, Jakpa could not provide evidence of an invitation or meeting arrangement.

Guilty or Not Guilty?

Jakpa accused the second accused, Ato Forson, of causing financial loss to the State, while maintaining his own innocence.

Contradictory Testimonies

Jakpa called former Finance Minister Seth Terkper “evil” and claimed he opposed the ambulance transaction from the start. However, Ato Forson had earlier stated that Terkper authorized the transaction. Jakpa’s testimony supported the prosecution’s case that Terkper never authorized the transaction.

Prior Disclosure of Documents

The prosecution showed that Jakpa’s documents sent to the AG in July 2022 had already been filed in court and disclosed to Jakpa’s lawyers five months earlier. Jakpa acknowledged this but downplayed its significance.

False Claims and Personal Vendetta

The prosecution established that Jakpa lied about the AG assuring him he had no case to answer. Jakpa also threatened to “declare war” on the AG and exact vengeance using his “underworld skills.” This revelation exposed Jakpa’s personal vendetta against the AG.

The cross-examination has significantly weakened Jakpa’s position in the case, revealing inconsistencies and damning evidence that implicates him in the ambulance trial.

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