Asantehene donates GHC 500,000 to Ga education fund

The Asantehene, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, has generously donated GHC 500,000 to the Ga Education Fund, a move aimed at enhancing educational opportunities and resources within the Ga community.

This significant contribution was made during his visit to the Ga Mantse, King Tackie Teiko Tsuru II, marking a historic moment of unity and collaboration between the Asante and Ga kingdoms.

“I want to donate an amount of GHC500,000,00 to the Ga Education Fund to help in the education of less-privileged Ga children,” he announced through an interpreter.

In his address, the Asantehene expressed profound gratitude to the Ga State for their warm reception. He emphasized the importance of unity between the Ga and Ashanti peoples and among all chiefs in the country.

“The people of Ga and Ashanti must unite to develop our communities. All Ga chiefs must rally behind Nii Teiko Tsuru II. Unity and development must be our focus for the sake of our children,” he urged.

The Asantehene highlighted that the modern role of chieftaincy should center on development rather than territorial conquest.

“The current battle should be for development in the interest of future generations,”

He also expressed his appreciation to Nii Teiko Tsuru II for the support shown during his 25th-anniversary celebrations.

“I am grateful for your presence during my 25th anniversary celebration. Your display of love and support is reciprocated by this gesture,” he said.

The durbar is a key event marking a historic visit by the King of Ashanti, the first such visit since 1946.

Source: PulseGhana

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