Bibiani: A whole community storm mining pit to demonstrate as mining firm’s blast & dust are killing them (Video)

Members of the Bibiani old township had to storm the Mensin Gold mine’s mining site to demonstrate against the mining activities in the area.

The residents have been suffering from the mining blasts and the dust that comes with as the community shares a border with the mining site.

The residents say they were excited to welcome the mining company per the agreement they had which was that there were to be resettled to a place far off the mining site but that has only become mere lip service.

Months after the Mensin Gold Mine started mining operation, the people have still been living in the harsh conditions of routine blasting and dust entering their homes.

The residents over the months have continually asked the authorities per their agreement to be relocated but nothing has been done about it.

The frustrated residents decided to storm the mining site to bespeak over what seemed to be a deception.


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