RE: Open Letter To John Boadu

I have read an open letter purportedly authored by one John Kwabena Blankson of Gomoa Central Constituency, addressed to the NPP General Secretary, John Boadu, on issues regarding the fate of the suspended First Vice Chairman of the NPP in the Central Region, Mr. Ekow Ewusi, by the Central Regional Executive Committee of the Party.

The letter sought to attack the person of the General Secretary, and was replete with numerous unsubstantiated allegations and blatant falsehoods intended to court public disaffection, and to also question John Boadu’s competence in handling internal matters of the Party, particularly as they relate to the suspended First Vice Chairman of the Central Region, Ekow Ewusi.

Ordinarily, this letter, having raised no substantive issue worthy of attention except for the innuendos, mischievous and unsubstantiated claims against the hardworking General Secretary, deserves absolutely no dignified response whatsoever.

However, as an Aide to the General Secretary, having been privy to all the facts surrounding the matter in issue, I feel compelled to correct the mischievous lies peddled by the writer, and accordingly, set the records straight in order to inform the general public with a factual rendition of all the circumstances regarding this matter.

In doing so however, I decline the invitation to defend the records of John Boadu, which the writer tried unsuccessfully to impeach. This is because, I may need over 100 pages to list the incontestable achievements of the NPP General Secretary. In any case, John Boadu is absolutely a no stranger to true NPP party members, who are the living witnesses of the good works of the General Secretary particularly in strengthening party structures and delivering electoral victories for the party.

That said, let me now zoom in to respond specifically to the mischief sought to be advanced by the writer regarding the suspended Central Regional First Vice Chairman. First of all, the allegation that John Boadu has refused to forward the “report” of the National Disciplinary Committee on Ekow Ewusi’s suspension as First Vice Chairman, to NEC for consideration, is a blatant falsehood.

For the avoidance of doubt, it is stated emphatically that the National Disciplinary Committee is yet to complete its work on the matter. It therefore cannot be true that the Disciplinary Committee has submitted its report and the General Secretary has deliberately refused to forward same to NEC for consideration as alleged by the writer.

Anybody who wants to ascertain the veracity of this assertion can contact any of the members of the National Disciplinary Committee of the party, for confirmation or otherwise.

Secondly, since the last meeting of NEC on 15th December, 2021, where the decision was taken to refer Ekow Ewusi’s petition, notwithstanding its belatedness, to the Disciplinary Committee, NEC has not held any meeting as yet. And so, even assuming without admitting that, the National Disciplinary Committee had concluded and submitted its report for consideration by NEC, through the General Secretary, NEC would first have to meet before it can consider any such report. This is elementary logic!

It therefore cannot be contended that the General Secretary had failed to forward the report to NEC, which report, as indicated, does NOT even exist, because the Disciplinary Committee, once again, is yet to conclude and present a report to the Party.

It is again to be noted that the meeting that was referenced in the said discredited open letter as having been held on 27th January, 2022, was NOT a NEC meeting but a meeting of National Council.

It was, in fact, at this meeting that the General Secretary reported that the National Disciplinary Committee had not completed its disciplinary hearings on the Ekow Ewusi’s petition, and that, the Committee had requested for extension of time pursuant to Article 4(5)(3) to be able to complete its work, which request was granted.

It is also to be emphasized that there has not been any breach of Article 4(5)(3) of the Constitution regarding the disciplinary hearings on the Ekow Ewusi petition by the National Disciplinary Committee. Every step that has been taken thus far is in accord with the party’s grievance and disciplinary procedures enshrined in Article 4 of the Party Constitution.

Once again, from all indications, it is clear that the so called open letter to the General Secretary, having raised no substance, can only be driven by mischief. Even with the mischief, it was poorly and incompetently executed.

Indeed, checks have revealed that the said John Kwabena Blankson, who purportedly wrote the open letter, does not exist. Equally, the contact number [0500452005] that was assigned to this pseudo name, does not also exist. People should be bold enough to own their statement and take full responsibility for same rather than hiding behind these phantom names.

Meanwhile, the General Secretary is unmoved by these propaganda antics and distractions. He remains committed and focused on his mandate, which involves working hard to position the NPP to break the eight(8) come 2024, for the love of country and party.


Iddi Muhayu-Deen
Aide to John Boadu

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