I am a strong advocate of social justice – Genevieve

Genevieve Nnaji has debunked insinuations that most of her movies promote domestic violence, insisting that “without taking notice of it, she has tried much as possible to reflect societal values in her films.
The actress who played the role of Victoria Izu in a new movie, “Road to Yesterday” which will be released on November 27 in Lagos, made this remark while in a chat with HVP.
According to her, domestic violence is evil and should be encouraged. “I haven’t even given that a thought because I thought I am interpreting my role as an actress,” she began.
Besides, I believe in equal rights of all citizens. I am a strong advocate of equal rights and social justice for all humans. I frown at domestic violence and as a full-baked African woman, I know that who we are and what we believe is a reflection of what we do.”
“I think people should question what love is really all about and what time means. People take time for granted.Genevieve Nnaji in Tango with Me
“There is something I always says. “You can lose money and it still comes back to you, but you can’t lose time and have it back. Money goes and comes back, time goes and never come back.
“I believe one have to treat every moment of life with seriousness. In this movie, I believe a few people will have the courage to do one of the things we tried to portray in the movie.”
Talking about her roles in movies, the award winning actress said, “I don’t actually choose the roles. Producers usually look out for actors they believe that can interprete certain roles. They usually choose me because they think and believe that I am a good role interpreter.”
Genevieve said that the movie epitomizes a virtuous woman’s act and what to do when confronted with similar issues.
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