Pope praises Ghana for avoiding tribal politics

Pope Francis has hailed Ghana for putting in place adequate measures to avoid tribal and ethnic divisions. According to the pope, civil strives have prevented the African continent from achieving its full potential. At a meeting with Catholic priests from Ghana at the Vatican on Tuesday September 23, the Pope said: “Thankfully, Ghana has been spared much of the tribal, ethnic and religious divisions that have afflicted too many other parts of Africa, a continent whose promise, in part due to these divisions, has yet to be fulfilled”.
Commenting on the outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus in West Africa, the pope said it is imperative that the catholic leadership in the various African countries joined hands with their local authorities to contain the virus. “The varied services, carried out in God’s name, especially for the poor and weak, are the responsibility of the entire local Church, under the prayerful oversight of the bishop. I think in a particular way about the importance of the Church’s health care apostolate, not only in Ghana, but throughout western Africa, which is suffering at this time from the outbreak of Ebola” he stated.
Source – Adomfm

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