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Judicial scandal: We’ll fish out the errant – CJ

The Chief Justice, Mrs Georgina Theodora Wood, has assured Ghanaians her outfit is on course to “fish out the errant” in the judiciary to restore public confidence.

She has therefore disclosed that the Judicial Council is setting up an office of an investigative commissioner to investigate and process cases of ethical abuse by legal practitioners in Ghana.

“No dishonourable member of the (legal) profession will enjoy immunity or impunit,” the CJ stated at the enrolment of 219 lawyers in Accra Friday.

Thirty-four judges are currently being investigated in a corruption scandal after being videotaped by journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas taking bribes to throw away cases before them.

“Our investigative efforts and motivations are at all time high, and we will not tire in our desire to fish out the errant among us and deal with them appropriately under the law.

“In all these, internal discipline and expulsion is but just one of the means we are determined to apply. The long arm of civil and criminal justice will not be spared. We are committed to this because law and justice are the foundation of a stable, peaceful and prosperous society,” Mrs Wood emphasised.

She said the scandal gives the judiciary an opportunity to assess itself again.

“This sober reflection will help us to identify where we have fallen short, stagnated or even retrogressed and fashion appropriate remedial measures that will diminish, if not totally extinguish, the possibility of a future recurrence,” she said.

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