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Anas is a “cabal and apparition” – Ndebugri

The lawyer representing the lower court judges accused in a corruption scandal John Ndebugri has accused investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas of running a secret society – Cabal – whose aim is to destroy the judiciary of Ghana.

“Anas and his Tiger Eye PI is a cabal,” an incensed Ndebugri spewed in an interview with Accra-based Citi FM, Friday. “We will stop him if he doesn’t stop.”

Ndebugri has dared Anas to show his face and stop wearing a hood if he is man enough. He insisted that Anas is not patriotic as he wants Ghanaians to believe while casting a slur on the Judicial Council for allowing “an apparition” to bend the rules.

“Anas is an apparition and not a human being… Who is he? He is joking. People have died for this country and he must stop giving the impression that he and his cabal only have the interest of the nation at heart,” the veteran lawyer opined.

“The way he is going about things is wrong and absolutely wrong,” Ndebugri stressed in connection with Anas’ modus operandi.

According to him, the five-member committee investigating the 34 judges who have been indicted for allegedly taking bribes to free suspected criminals before them is bending the rules by allowing Anas to appear before them incognito.

“I won’t talk to an apparition. Why do we bend the law in favour of one person? You can’t enter the witness box with dark glasses. That is why I refused to go to the hearing.

“I gave my clients an option that if we go there and he [Anas] does not remove the hood I will not deal with him because the laws don’t allow that and I don’t know why you would bend the law just because of one person. That is serious. It is unthinkable,” Ndebugri exclaimed.

He added: “I am not saying that judges are not corrupt, but the way he [Anas] is going about it is wrong. I have seen some of the videos and I’m convinced that it is wrong and then you come there and you won’t unveil your face too.

“I have not collected a pesewa from these judges. I am only defending them against people who think they are holier than thou.”

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