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Presidential staffer destroys GBC reporter’s recorder

A presidential staffer, Stan Dogbe has reportedly admitted destroying a voice recorder belonging to a reporter at the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation.
The journalist, Yahaya Kwamoah of GBC Radio on Thursday August 20, went to the 37 Military Hospital where presidential correspondents were hospitalized after an accident which killed Ghanaian Times reporter, Samuel Nuamah.
Yahaya Kwamoah gained access to the ward. The Presidential staffer and the Communications Minister Omane Boamah were there “strategizing” to announce the death of the Ghanaian Times reporter to the family.
“As a very good journalist as he is, Yahaya thought he could also nose around” GBC  Director of Radio Roland Affail Monney explained to Joy News’ Manasseh Azure Awuni.
“But the meeting wasn’t meant for media consumption”, Mr. Monney who is also President of the Ghana Journalist Association said.
When the journalist’s attention was drawn to the fact that it was a private discussion, he retreated from the two.
“While he was walking away, Stan Dogbe chased him…..seized his recorder and smashed it” the GJA President said.
“Stan did not deny that this is what happened” Roland Affail Monney said after he spoke to Stan Dogbe.
The reporter has declined to talk to the media because of a directive from the state broadcaster. The state broadcaster also decided not to do the story about an attack on their journalist.
Explaining why GBC did not carry the story, Director of Radio said he was unable to monitor the news bulletin on the day of the incident and the day after.
This was because he was busy visiting the hospital where injured journalists are recovering.
“Sometimes [I go to the hospital] in the morning and in the evening…as you came, I have been in a Board meeting since morning and I only listened to the tail end of the [news] bulletin”.
Nonetheless, Affail Monney assured that management had taken up the matter privately. He said the presidential staffer has also agreed to replace the equipment.
“This is a purely GBC matter. We expect the GBC channels to seek re-dress” he maintains
Stan Dogbe is yet to apologise and replace the recorder more than 72 hours after the incident.
Source : myjoyonline

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