“Ghana’s Education Sector Recorded Zero Strikes Under NAPO’s Stewardship -Hayford Siaw

In a recent appearance on GTV’s Talking Point, Mr. Hayford Siaw, Chief Executive of the Ghana Library Authority, fiercely defended Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh, popularly known as NAPO, refuting allegations of arrogance against him. Mr. Siaw’s comments fit into a larger discussion on the attributes of Dr. Prempeh, whom the NPP’s flagbearer for the forthcoming December 2024 presidential elections, Dr. Mahamadu Bawumia, has chosen as his running mate.

Managing the Ministry of Education for four years, the biggest public sector employer without a single union strike, is evidence of Dr. Prempeh’s talent and leadership ability, as Mr. Siaw underlined. “The Ministry of Education and its agencies employ a great number of people with various union groups, yet Dr. Prempeh navigated these complex interests skillfully, achieving a record zero strike action and the longest period of industrial peace in the sector in recent years,” Siaw said.

He vehemently denied the accusations of arrogance, characterizing them as unfounded creations by detractors. He related a particular incident sometimes mentioned by critics in which Dr. Prempeh’s answer to a journalist was purportedly misrepresented. Mr. Siaw asserts that Dr. Prempeh’s response was targeted at former President John Dramani Mahama, who had advocated for a power rationing timetable. “It was purely a political response to an opposition leader, not an indication of arrogance towards the Ghanaian people,” Mr. Siaw said.

Emphasizing Dr. Prempeh’s qualities, Mr. Siaw praised his competence, patriotism, and empathy. “Ultimately, Ghanaians want a running mate who can complement the flagbearer and efficiently deliver on their mandate for their well-being. Dr. Prempeh is living all these values,” he said.

By highlighting Dr. Prempeh’s track record of achievement as minister in the Ministries of Education and Energy, as well as his capacity to make a constructive contribution to the nation’s growth, Mr. Siaw has provided more clarity to assure the Ghanaian people that indeed, Dr. Prempeh is suitable for the vice-presidential role.

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