Hearts of Oak supporters are more impatience than Kotoko fans – Eric Ofori Antwi

Former Goalkeeper of Kumasi Asante Kotoko and Hearts of Oak, Eric Ofori Antwi reckons Hearts of Oak supporters are more demanding than Kotoko supporters.

As a player who has played for both sides, Eric asserts the fans of the Accra Based football club are more intolerant when things are not going well.

Speaking on Kessben TV with Tony Muntana, Ofori Antwi stressed that the sort of bashing that comes at the players when a player commits an error is way higher than that of Kotoko supporters.

“Both clubs are all big clubs but the Hearts supporters have higher voices especially when you commit an error.

They have no time, what they need is the recent result. This makes it more difficult for the players. Their stand is very close to our bench so their voices are heard directly.

Most players especially the young ones who join the club will complain to me that we can’t play due to the bashing. They should work on that.


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