Yaw Dabo brings Arsenal scout to Ghana to monitor players of his soccer academy

As part of plans to clinch deals for youngsters in his academy, Ghanaian actor Samuel Yaw Dabo welcomed Arsenal scout Phil Antwi to Ghana.

Arriving in the nation on Wednesday, Antwi is a 2020 recruit to Arsenal’s scouting department, where he served as lead scout for the U12s to U14s.

Yaw Dabo met the scout at Kotoka International Airport and gave him a brief introduction before discussing his objectives with the media.

“I have the Dabo Soccer Academy, because we have to support others. That’s my dream because, when you get money, you have to give it to somebody because everybody needs help,” he told Marca.

“Me, too. I need help. My brother needs help. So I want to give back to my society to support others. I go to orphanages and I go to the villages to bring talented players to everybody to see that in Ghana we have very talented players.

“A lot of good players are in the academy and go to school. I have workers, coaches and caterers to support the football team. I have everybody. I came to Europe to find a solution to support my academy.”

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