Lady laments on social media as her family plans to disown her if she doesn’t bring home a husband this year

A Nigerian lady took to social media to lament as her family organized a meeting, promising to disown her if she doesn’t bring home a husband this year.

The lady shared a post on her TikTok page, featuring her face alongside a caption explaining her situation.

Nigerian lady laments as family organizes meeting, vows to disown her if she doesn't marry this year
Family pressures lady to marry or face disownment this year.

The caption reads: ‘Family meeting is over. Everyone has agreed that I must marry this year or they will disown me completely.’

The post suggests that a family meeting was convened to discuss her marriage status, as she is of marriageable age but has not brought a husband home.

Family members who attended the meeting concluded that she must bring a husband home this year or face being disowned.

Shortly after posting, concerned individuals flooded the comments section to share their thoughts.

See some reactions below:

Great creature 💜: “Me and my mom last night she is after my life 😂😂😂😂😂😂.”

user82012092084061: “Same pressure here bby girl. but we go overcome it together. let’s put our trust God.”

@adeeleniyan: “Com let’s marry ‘ please am also facing same problem 💔.”

Dee Ukeme: “You go marry me? single life don tire me ooo😭.”

imoleayoayanfeolu: “title of the music.. old that I can’t remember the song title again, I just know I used to sing it back then.”

diranadebayo: “making a list of all the males that signified interest here to send to your family so they can pick one… The wedding must happen these year ooooo.”

OLAHNIREETY: “where interview form, make I start from there 😂😂😂😂.”

Halloween.cre8tive: “still in the same boat my pastors are telling me to go and marry.”

tbabe1236: “bride price don dey hungry dem, dey don 4get say marriage is not a game u can rush into, it need alot patient 2 choose wisely wat dey owe u is congrat.”

okunolaronkevicto: “Av already warned them not to worry me again or else I’ll block them one by one 😂🤣 I don’t care, Its over to God.”

amtos cozy🤩😋💥: “send me your bride price list no time, court or church choose one, let me know our honeymoon vacation madiv or Texas? i will be waiting for your reply.”


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