5G mobile broadband services will be transformative and affordable to all Ghanaians – Communications Minister has assured

.The Minister for Communications and Digitalization, Ursula Owusu-Ekuful, has assured the media that the introduction of 5G mobile broadband network will offer transformative and affordable services to all Ghanaians. According to the Minister, the initiative will drive the country towards a fully digitized Ghana by 2030. 

“I am delighted and proud to announce a transformative partnership that marks a new era in digital connectivity for Ghana”, the minister emphasized. 

Addressing the media at a press briefing held at the Ministry of Information in Accra today, the Minister explained the rationale behind the innovative approach and highlighted the government’s commitment to inclusive and rapid digital transformation.

The Minister announced that NGIC has been awarded a 5G license and is expected to launch 5G services across Ghana within the next six months, with plans for future expansion into other parts of Africa. The shared 4G and 5G infrastructure will be built by Nokia and Radisys, with IT architecture and integration provided by Microsoft and Tech Mahindra, a collaboration she said will ensure that we leverage cutting edge world-class expertise and technology to build a robust digital infrastructure in the country.

Hon. Owusu Ekuful explained that the government in collaboration with Ascend Digital, K-NET, Radisys, Nokia, and Tech Mahindra, supported by All Mobile Network Operators in Ghana, starting with AT and Telecel, has launched the Next-Gen InfraCo (NGIC). 

She lauded NGIC’s offering, adding that it will accelerate national enablement programs, reduce digital divide, optimize capital expenditure, and ensure efficient operating costs, high-speed and make seamless mobile services accessible to all Ghanaians. 

The Minister for information reiterated the government’s effort towards a 100% digital Ghana including rehabilitating critical national infrastructure such as the eastern corridor fibre, the national data center, and LTE FWA, building a rural telephony network connecting 3.4 million subscribers in rural communities, establishing the Cybersecurity Authority, and resourcing the Data Protection Commission among other initiatives.

NGIC plans to adopt India’s successful model of affordable handsets, digital platforms, and localized content to replicate high-speed mobile data access across Africa. This approach will ensure that our digital services are accessible and relevant to all Ghanaians.

Source: MOI (PR UNIT)

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