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Female teacher climbs building to finish off cheating husband

A 44 year old teacher only identified as Mr. Kaminda working in Mpongwe, Zambia also acting as deputy head teacher was this morning caught red handed by his wife who is also a teacher.

According to information obtained Mr. Kaminda told his wife on Friday 15th March 2024, that he was going to stay in Mpongwe for a week as he was tasked by the head teacher to monitor construction works going on at the school.

The wife who works and lives in Kamirenda Township of Luanshya understood and asked the husband to come with bags of charcoal after the assignment was done.

However, yesterday, neighbors came to her house in the morning telling her that they had seen Mr. Kaminda at Shoprite with a young girl but she cared less knowing people are fond of talking without concrete proof. Moreover, this was not new to her, these women gossip a lot like Ben Lombe and Solochi.

Like a praise singer or a stubborn papa follower she told them not to interfere in her marriage and asked them to go. Today, it was her daughter leaving church who came running to her sighing like she had escaped a Lusaka man with bad intentions.

The daughter told the mother that her friends tipped her that her father was somewhere in Kamirenda at a named lodge with her tiny college mate.

The mother did not take this lightly, she instantly got off her chair and running like John General jumping over pitlatrines, to the direction of the purported lodge. Her daughter together with her friends followed her behind and before they could reach their destination, hundreds of people if not the entire Kamirenda was behind her asking each other what was going on.

When they reached the lodge, Mrs. Kaminda went through the gate and lucky enough the husband was in the first room she had checked. Happy in the arms of a teen. One would think he has been starved for years.

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