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Man cries out bitterly after humiliated at a store for buying sanitary pad for his wife

A Man has been left humiliated after he was accused of being a pervert after heading to the store to get his wife a sanitary pad.

Narrating the ordeal, he disclosed that he ended up crying when he headed back to his car after a female shopper stopped him and made accusations on him even threatening to call the police on him.

He said: “I got a call from my wife when I was getting off work and she asked me to pick her up some pads from the store. I asked her to send me a text with a picture of the ones she uses to make sure I got the right kind.

“I get to [the store] and I cannot find the kind she texted me so I FaceTimed her in the pad aisle and was showing her the section where her brand is to see if I could find another kind.

“About 30 seconds later a woman comes up to me and tells me I am being inappropriate and she was going to report me. Mind you my wife is on video with me this entire time. I tell my wife to text me a backup pad that I could get for her and end the call.

“Right as my wife is texting me, a man (store manager) and a female clerk come up to me with the woman behind them and he asks what I am doing and that he got a complaint that I was behaving inappropriately.”

The man said despite explaining the situation, things escalated even more.

“The woman then starts shouting that I was taking pictures of her and I was lying,” he said. “I showed the manager the texts from my wife and I told him I just wanted to get my wife her pads and leave.

“The manger and the woman went up to the front of the store and the whole time she is screeching to him that he needs to call the police and have me arrested for being a pervert.”

While the woman carried on shouting he said the sales assistant helped him find the item and he was able to go on his way.

“I paid for the pads and left. And when I got to the car I cried. A grown ass man crying in his car. I have never felt more embarrassed and humiliated in my life. When I told my wife what happened she went pale and hasn’t stopped apologising to me.”

Source: Elizaberth Olu

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