‘Is something wrong with me’ – Lady single at 36 laments

A lady has taken to social media to express her frustration with being single at 36.

The lady shared a video of herself deep in thought as she wondered if something was wrong with her.

In her caption, she revealed that she is not in a relationship and has no kids, while her younger sisters are getting married.

“At 36, not in a relationship and have no kids, while your younger sisters are getting married hit differently. The doubt crawls in. Is something wrong with me?” she wrote.


#tiktokviral #tiktokworld #tiktokafrica The doubt crawls in. God I need your strength.

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Netizens react:

@predestine home:excuse you,
am 36 married (7Years)no kid what is the difference?

@MrCountry:marriage isn’t a must do
kids is & success..focus on success n kids for time sake

@Gbagra A Gbagra:Nothing is wrong with You, it could be cos you are a covenant child from heaven and water element, so the two kingdom are dragging you but heaven will win at d right time.

@Tik Toker clemzy5050:you’re pretty and good, absolutely nothing is wrong with you, it may delay a little but be certain, optimistic, persuaded, that the right person will come.
there’s a man for every w
but pray as well!

@Mozanogah:i feel bad too im 37 not in a relationship dont have kids.
well i am not going to wallow in self pity i really desire to be married.

@Pappydee:Age is just a number and you look pretty 26🥰🥰

@Hakyme2:no stress yourself o….we all didn’t write the same path in life

@noble:Trust me, you never look like 36 at all. 😍.

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