There’s no strong income data of Ghanaians that’s why Free SHS is not targeted – Edu Ministry PRO argues

The communication director of the Ministry of Education, Kwasi Kwarteng has expounded why the NPP’s flagship programme, Free Senior High School policy was not targeted.

Following the remarks of IMF after Ghana received the first tranche of the $3m support program from the International Monetary Fund, the Ministry rationalized with the remarks of the IMF but explains the challenges associated with targeting the Free SHS.

IMF underscored the Government’s flagship program which has been the biggest drain on the nation was poorly targeted.

Kwasi Kwarteng speaking on Kessben FM’ Maakye with Akuoko Kwarteng said Government would have targeted the policy if there was strong income data of Ghanaians.

According to him, before the Free SHS policy, the targeting was in place in the educational structure where some students were enjoying free education but did cover many, denying many students the opportunity.

“I have read some of the remarks from the IMF on Free SHS. They said then investment in education was very high but the returns have not low. It’s good feedback to put in the right measures.

The point about not been targeting was also emphasized but even Free SHS there was the target policy however hundreds of thousands of students were denied because it was limited.

Elsewhere, tracking of data income is not a problem, and targeting of such policy is not difficult but in Ghana, there is no strong income data about Ghanaians which will make the targeting very difficult” He said.

Many people have called for the Free SHS policy to be reviewed and make people who can afford to pay to lessen the financial pressure of the country.


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