50 profitable Businesses You Can Start with GHC900 in Ghana

There is a lot of planning involved in starting a business, but not always a lot of money. The list includes more than 50 businesses that you can launch with GHC900.

  1. Sell clothes
  2. Start teaching students at home
  3. Start a fashion business
  4. Become a Food Vendor
  5. Web Design Business
  6. Printing Business
  7. Photography Business
  8. Start a Blog(Internet Business) In Ghana
  9. Buy and Sell Phone Credit Cards
  10. Open a Grocery Store
  11. Teach a skill you know for a fee
  12. Graphic Designing
  13. Software design business
  14. T-Shirt Designs and Embossing
  15. Interior Decorator
  16. Start a farm
  17. Kenkey Business
  18. Waakye Business
  19. Breakfast delivery Business
  20. Sell plastic chairs
  21. Repair phones
  22. Start a Delivery service
  23. Write articles for blogs/websites
  24. Make and sell bracelets
  25. Makeup artist business
  26. Become a door-to-door Barber
  27. Render MC Services
  28. Become a Party DJ
  29. Party Organizer
  30. Wedding planner
  31. Start a rabbit farm
  32. Become a goat farmer
  33. Rear chickens at home and flip for profit
  34. Become a real estate agent
  35. Buy and resell fish
  36. Resell fabrics and sewing materials
  37. Make local drinks at home and sell online
  38. Customize shoes
  39. Sell homemade beauty products
  40. Cleaning business
  41. Electrical services
  42. Plumbing services
  43. Sell fresh eggs
  44. Sell fresh cow milk
  45. Start a coconut milk business
  46. Start a bakery
  47. Become a Social media Influencer
  48. Sell homemade soaps
  49. Start a fruit juice business
  50. Resell items on tonaton
  51. Start a popcorn business
  52. Start a shawarma business
  53. Khebab or barbecue business
  54. Recharge card mobile money vendor
  55. Start a home cleaning business
  56. Homemade ice cream business

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