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Bono Region: Man cuts his manhood with a knife because of his cheating wife (Video)

A man in the Bono Region of Ghana who is widely known as Aboa No eventually resorted to cutting his manhood with a knife after learning about how his wife has been cheating with another man.

Aboa No who is a heavy drunkard apparently wanted to end his life after it was established that his wife has been cheating with another man.

After taking his usual alcohol, he reportedly went to buy poison to end his life.

He went inside his room with the poison he bought but came out later from the room and asked for a knife, not knowing he going to cut his manhood.

When the neighbours around went inside his room, they saw blood oozing from his private part and quickly took him to the hospital.

The said part of the manhood was stitched by the Doctors and he has since been receiving treatment at the Hospital.

When asked why he did that, he retorted that the situation of his cheating wife led him to have done that.

His cheating wife confirmed that she has been cheating with another man because her husband boozes too much to the point of practically becoming impossible to kiss.


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