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Widow loses her 1st child after failing to pay GHC300 medical bill, Kessben Outreach Foundation goes to her rescue

A woman who had lost her husband a few years ago tragically lost her first child after failing to purchase a medicine which had been prescribed for the child.

After running to friends and some family members including the church she could still not raise the money needed for the child’s medication.

After returning to the hospital after a long search to raise the money to her dismay she was informed of the demise of the child.

Her story was shared with the Kessben Outreach Foundation after the sudden development and thus got assisted with cash and donation of Freezer to start a business.

“People are fighting all manner of battles. You are more likely to underestimate the poverty levels in our country. This lady lost her husband few years ago. Last year due to hardship, she lost her first child who was fifteen years old. The reason…. She needed 300 Cedis for medication prescribed at a facility he was on admission. She Went to friends, family, church members, non could help…. Hoping for miracle, she went back to hospital and was informed about the tragedy.

As if that was not enough, Landlord was ejecting her for not being able to pay her rent….

May we not go through such agonising circumstances such as this. We have paid her rent and set her up with selling of water by donating a deep freezer and some cash…. So at least she can cater for the three kids left.

Help someone when u can…. Little acts of kindness. Thanks to all who support us” The Foundation said.

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