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Wrongly accused ex-convict of 20 years gets lifted by the Kessben Outreach Foundation

Kojo Tuffour, an ex-convict after serving his jail term following his sentence 2 decades ago had been living in tatters until the Kessben Outreach Foundation on Wednesday 10th August 2022 eventually moved him into a well-furnished apartment in his hometown in Konongo.

The 62-year-old man in the last five years after coming out from prison had been living in an abandoned Wooden structure in Kwamo, Kumasi.

He was wrongly accused as part of a mob that killed a suspected thief years ago. The suspected thief died after falling into a nearby river while reportedly being chased by a mob.

Kojo Tuffour who was present during the scene was accused of murdering the suspected thief and was jailed for 20 years.

After serving his jail term, he was left with no other choice than to take abode in an abandoned wooden structure at Kwamo in Kumasi.

He had been living in tatters for the last five years with occasional visits from of some of his family members who did not have the financial capability to move him out of the bushy environment.

A call to the Kessben Outreach Foundation drew attention to the unfortunate living condition of the ex-convict.

After the foundation learned about the state of the old man, made provisions for an apartment to be furnished in his Hometown in Konongo.

He was eventually moved in which brought smiles to the face of the man who had endured so much in life.

His family expressed their heartfelt appreciation to Kessben Outreach Foundation.

The old abode of Opanin Kojo Tuffour
Opanin Kojo Tuffour
Family of Opanin Tuffour
Furnished bedroom of Opanin Tuffour by the Kessben Outreach Foundation

Contact Kessben Outreach Foundation via the official website below:

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