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I quit schooling because my teacher’s sister beat me to the second position in exams – Adongo

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Petasgo Enterprise, Peter Adongo has narrated the hilarious circumstances that triggered his decision to drop out of school at Primary 4.

The successful businessman, in an interview on State of Our Nation on Dreamz FM, said he was brilliant at school and was performing creditably well in exams, either topping the class or placing second especially during his Primary 3 and 4 time.

However, his teacher’s sister, who later joined them, beat him in the third term examination in Class 4, placing second while he placed third, a situation he could not come to terms with.

Mr. Peter Adongo, who was then a little boy, believed his teacher’s sibling did not have what takes to outdo him in academics. He was convinced that his teacher had manipulated the results of the examination in favor of his sister and in his little mind, concluded that education was fraught with dishonesty, fraud and unfairness.

He, therefore, vowed to not to go to school again as he did not want to be associated with such bad traits.

“I drop out of school at class 4 and do you know the reason I dropped out of school? From class 3 to class, getting to the end after which we would have gone to class 5, I was always first or second in exams. Then in the 3rd term examination, I was 3rd and I said they cheated me. And the one who emerged 2nd was our teacher’s sister. I said he cheated me so I won’t go to school again. I concluded there’s no honesty in education because I knew the girl and I knew all those who could beat me,” he recounted.

Mr. Peter Adongo recalled that his parents and teachers made several attempts to have him rescind his decision and return to school but he did not budge.

He revealed how he ended up at the market selling cola nut after his father forced him to go to school.

“My parents fought me but the thing is that in my family at the time, nobody really understood the value of education. My father wasn’t educated. He was a hunter and he was always away hunting. My mother too was in Kumasi and I was staying with my grandmother and grandfather. And my grandfather was very rich at the time so when I woke up and said I wouldn’t go to school, he wouldn’t impress on me to go. He would just ask me to go and play. My teachers would come and beg to no avail. Then one day, my father returned home and forced me to go to school, I wore my uniform and I went to the Cola Market. When I got there, I took off my uniform and began selling cola”.

Peter Adongo is a successful businessman who owns and runs a multi-million company in Northern Ghana which imports and distributes agricultural inputs. Mr. Adongo had worked as a porter in a similar company in the Western Region before venturing into the business and establishing his own company eventually.

He attributes his success in business to hard work, determination and God’s grace.

Source: Dreamz FM

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