Terror attack on Mali’s main army base repelled – army

The Malian army says it has repelled a terror attack on its main military base just outside the capital, Bamako.

It says two cars packed with explosives were detonated at the Kati military base.

People living near the camp reported hearing heavy gunfire for around an hour and helicopters circling above the base which is just 15km (nine miles) from Bamako.

The brief military statement says two of the assailants were killed and that the situation is under control.

It described it as a “terrorist attack” – the language the military uses to refer to the Islamist militants.

Jihadists have been carrying out frequent attacks in Mali – most in the central and north of the country.

Last week they targeted a checkpoint just 70km from Bamako killing six people.

Two soldiers were killed in another raid on Thursday.

The military leaders who seized power in August 2020 have said securing the country from insurgent attacks is their main priority.

source: bbc

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