Apologize now or you forever walk alone in Volta – Concern Youth of Volta to Akufo-Addo

The Concern Youth of Volta is demanding an unqualified apology from the president of Ghana, Nana Akufo-Addo following his comment against the chief of Aflao.

According to Concern Youth, the president in a recent radio interview with Kwame Sefa on Peace FM disrespected the people of Volta with his reply on the seemingly abandoned E Block Project.

The president replying to the question asked by Kwame Sefa Kai regarding the call by the Aflao chief to the president to complete the almost done E Block said the Chief can go ahead and complete the project by himself if he feels frustrated.

This has generated massive reactions from Ghanaians with many opining the president was a bit harsh with his answer to the chief.

The Concern Youth of Volta sees this as an insult and therefore calls on the president as a matter of urgency to come publicly to apologize.

“His comment was not measurable. To give such a response clearly indicate he’s undermining chieftaincy in the region. We demand an apology from him. He should come out and apologize publicly. Bernard Edem Ahiekpor, the president of the Association told Ali Baba on Breaking News.

According to the president of the Association, they will soon organize a press conference to demand an apology from the president.

Edem noted that if the president does not render the apology after the press conference, they will be hitting the streets to demonstrate against him.

He stressed that, if the president fails to do the needful by apologizing, they will ensure that the chieftaincy in the Volta region will forever neglect the president in any of his activities.

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