Ghanaians Urged To Consume Locally Manufactured Products To Enhance Job Creation & Culture Preservation

The Very Reverend Solomon Bruce, Superintendent Minister-in-charge of the Old Tafo Circuit of the Methodist Church Ghana (MCG), has said that until Ghanaians learn to consume locally made products and services, cultural preservation and true economic independence would continue to elude the country.

Ghana Made is a local enterprise comprising a chain of shops dedicated to the sale of made-in-Ghana products from varied cultural backgrounds.

The influx of foreign cultures has assimilated our own hence the inferiority complex associated with the Ghanaian culture. When we turn ourselves into consumers and connoisseurs of foreign goods and services, and frown on our own foods and produce, we lose our soul; in fact, we lose our all’, he added.

“If we can begin the serve locally manufactured drinks like Pito, Sobolo, Wolewonyo, etc among others at our social gatherings like weddings, funerals, and others, the numerous diseases killing us would all be reduced”, he said.

Very Reverend Solomon Bruce made this call when the Old Tafo Circuit of the Methodist Church Ghana organized Culture Day to promote traditional fashion and food. Various locally manufactured foods and dresses were exhibited.

He said although Ghanaians could not do away with their acquired taste for foreign foods and products overnight, ‘we must also embrace our identity, spirituality and take our destiny in our hands to regain our national pride.’

He concluded by urging all to return to our culture which will restore our dignity and redeem us from the cultural captivity.


Ray Charles Marfo

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