‘Me Fie’ Promotes Ghana Abroad

Me Fie is a prized competition company based in the UK that promotes GHANA by running prized competitions (raffles), giving players the chance to win exciting prizes that shows off GHANA TO THE WORLD!!!

Me Fie, which means ‘my home’, was founded by Ivy Adjei, a Ghanaian born, living in the diaspora who is passionate about staying connected to Ghana irrespective of where in the world they are and contributing to the development of Ghana.

Me Fie’s latest prize, gave the winner and her plus one, a fully paid trip to Ghana, where they had their own private driver, private chef and stayed at the amazing Embassy Gardens for 9 nights. The winners also enjoyed an emersive tour experience with one of Ghana’s best tour guides Location Ghana at FairAfric Ghana, attended AfroFuture, AkwaabaaUK’s Compozers concert and the famous All Black Party as well as activities of their own choosing.

Other prizes and giveaways have included cash prizes, a customised digital art canvas by a talented Ghanaian artist, a Kente Throw set by Obrimpong Homes, a bottle of Ghanaian made liquor Sarah Solace, a handmade canvas by Vic Art Empire, a box of yummy doughnut from Joyful Cakes, A day experience at the beautiful Bridgeview Resort in Akosombo, Beautybooth gift voucher and the famous Me Fie hampers.

Me Fie’s current competition is giving someone a chance to win up to £10,000 towards a trip to Ghana, with raffle tickets being sold for as little as £5!!

Mefie is truly shining a light on Ghana. Such an exciting way to promote Ghana and boost tourism. Me Fie Ayekooo!

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