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Accepting Gitmo detainees ‘dangerous’ – Catholic Bishops

The Ghana Catholic Bishops’ conference has described government’s decision to resettle the two former detainees from the American Guantanamo Bay Prison as “wrong” and “dangerous,” joining forces with other christian organisations against the move. The Council, in a statement indicated that the move poses a major security threat to Ghana especially when the country is gearing up for the November general elections.
“This year is an election year and we expect our Government to focus a lot of attention on helping to secure peace and security in the country by dealing with the above-mentioned and related challenges and not to risk the security of our land by hosting two former terrorists.
Their concerns come barely a day after the Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council asked government to return these detainees back to their country.
“This is why we think sincerely and honestly that to have two ex-prisoners of very dangerous backgrounds walking freely on our land is a wrong move and wish to call on Government to repatriate them as soon as practicable,” the statement, signed by the Council’s Bishop,  Most. Rev Jospeh Osei Bonsu said.
The Bishops in their statement also posed the following questions surrounding the development

  • What is their mission here in Ghana?
  • Does their presence not constitute or pose a clear danger to us?
  • If indeed these two persons are harmless and if they have been “cleared” of any terrorist act by the US Government, as our Government and the US Government and some others want us to believe, why were they not sent back to Yemen or Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan where they come from or taken to the USA which found them harmless?
  • Did our representatives in Parliament discuss the merits and demerits of their resettlement here in Ghana?

Source – Citifm

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